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2018   California Institute of the Arts, Film and Video, M.F.A.

2015   University of Essex, Marketing, B.Sc.

2013   Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Marketing, B.Sc



​黄韵璇的影像作品曾在欧洲和美国参加多个电影节,装置作品曾参加多个群展和一个个展。包括On Art电影节(波兰),Sphinx艺术节(希腊),Eminent Domain女性艺术家群展(美国,纽约),Thymele Arts画廊群展(美国,洛杉矶),Bijou电影节(美国,圣塔克拉利塔)。

Yunxuan Huang is a filmmaker and video artist. She was born in Ganzhou, China and based in Los Angeles. Her works across media including film, video, performance art and installation. Huang's artworks have boldly aesthetic with the critical strong view of social issues, political statement embedded in each project through rich visual language. In her works contains rich subconsciousness experiences, recreate the realistic scenes in surrealistic aesthetics, revoke subconsciousness and personal feelings from ready made objects. Inviting viewers to enter an immersive environment with radical sound and uncanny, beautiful visual experience. She holds an MFA in film and video from California Institute of the Arts. Her works have been exhibited in a number of group exhibitions and one solo exhibition at the United States and Europe, her films have been selected and screened at festivals internationally, including On Art Festival, Poland; The Sphinx Festival, Greece;Eminent Domain Feminist group show, New York; Thymele Arts Gallery, Los Angeles;Bijou Festival, Santa Clarita. 

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